It's all about one thing...staying close to anything that makes you happy to be alive. Mismatched prints, peanut butter/banana sandwiches, protesting in the streets of St. Louis, your family (however that looks to you), wearing purple jumpsuits for 6 days, spending hours buried in the pages of a book, Bob Ross' afro. Do whatever you do passionately.  It's all about living who you are, who God called you to be.  Living your truth, your purpose, in your own time and your own way. And doing so loudly.

Hey there, I'm Jennifer and welcome to Lady Out Loud! I'm so glad you're here! I'm a Midwestern girl with a Southern heart, living with my sweet husband and puppy, Seamus, in the foothills of Colorado. I hold a degree in Biology and work full time on the commercial side of the contract pharmaceutical industry. I started this blog to do exactly what's stated above: to stay close to my happiness. My interests and passions are extremely varied. Science has my heart, but creativity holds my soul. So this is my little slice of creation. This is me, living and expressing myself, creative outletting and everything in between. My opinions, outfit choices, social commentary, advice...and my constant struggle to stake woke.

Live Loudly, friends!