3 Things I Learned at Year 25


3 Lessons from my Mid-Twenties

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As of November 16th, 2017 I have been roaming on this earth for 26 years! I completed my mid-twenties (goodbye 25!) and continued barreling toward the big 30! This last year of my life has been one for the record books! I got married, moved to Colorado, started a new career, began this blog and took on the responsibility of raising a puppy. And with all of those major life events comes a lot of learning, growing and changing. I could write endlessly on this topic but below, I outline the top 3 things I learned at 25! 

1. Accepting (Who) I Cannot Control

This is a trait that I know others learn when they are much younger (and some don't learn at all) but for me, marriage and living full time, 24/7 as a complimentary half to someone else ingrained this concept in me. Even moving into a career in which I work every day with a multitude of personalities, it is evident that not only do I have not have the power, time or authority to change others, but I should not want to do so. Collaboration with those that are nothing like you breeds brilliance and culture. Acceptance of others is fundamentally what will change our society for the better. And it needs to start with me. 

2. For Every Action, There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction

One of the many laws of physics not only applies to physical motion, but also to our life choices and consequences. Everything we do creates a response, whether positive, negative, or neutral. The words we say, our attitudes toward others, and even buying coffee in the morning rather than making it at home all have consequences. For better of for worse, to others, we are the sum of our actions and their consequences. I am learning to take more measured, more thoughtful actions, with a little spice of spontaneity in the minority. 

3. Taking Time for Myself is a Necessity

This one is hugely important, and has come as a result of learning that I can push myself too hard. My go-to answer to the "What is your greatest weakness?" interview question is that I have a hard time saying no. My barometer for self-preservation often needs calibrating, and as a result, I begin to feel under-valued, under-appreciated and burned out. I have and continue to learn the symptoms of a downward spiral, and when I do, I engage in some self-love. Whether it is reading a book, baking a difficult pastry, or simply doing a sheet mask in a quiet room, I have learned the importance of making myself a priority. 


25 was one of the greatest years of my life! 26, you have some major shoes to fill, and I cannot wait to see what's next! 

Age Loudly, Love Loudly, Live Loudly