Let's Do This!

Whoa! The first post! The beginning of something great! Something exciting and new. Something different! I have been thinking of starting a blog for so long now. I'm so happy you have joined me in my little slice of creation! If you haven't checked out my "about" page, feel free to head on over and check it out! It will lay a little foundation as to who I am, and what this jumbled mess of words and photos is all about! I don't want to re-introduce myself...so we'll start this thing off with a little (admittedly self-serving)  self-love and my first attempts at taking photos of myself! Be prepared for the hilarity that will ensue for the duration of this post! 

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I have always been the confident one. I still am! I am all about loving myself (and others) for who we are. Because let's be honest...you only have one self in this life. Thick thighs? Imperfect skin? Forgetfulness? Pathetic attempts at fashion? I'm your girl! Just as much as your actions define you, your flaws do the same. Identify them, embrace them and celebrate them! You cannot escape some things. "Perfection" is to our detriment (more on this in a future post). Remember, you are the sum of everything you are. Flaws and all. 

And if you wake up everyone morning with the confidence of Nikki Minaj, but go to bed feeling defeated: evaluate. What is it that truly makes you unhappy? Is it really you or is it your surroundings, job, significant other? When all has been ruled out, if it is still your imperfections that make you unhappy...change it! There is little in this world more frustrating that an individual who loves to complain but falls silent with apathy when held accountable. Make changes, not excuses. Find your motivation. Your inspiration. Be you. Undeniably. Loudly. 

Dress: Victoria's Secret; Bomber: Forever 21; Oxfords: Aldo

Dress: Victoria's Secret; Bomber: Forever 21; Oxfords: Aldo

Jennifer Lattimer