Social Media Perceptions


We see them (and possibly are them) every day...the ultra glam, exceptionally beautiful, "my life is all travel, designer bags, halo pictures and bikini ready bodies" accounts. We're drawn to them so heavily, like insects to bright lights, and rightfully so! Watching others live the life we wish we had is enticing. Following these figures' posts, journals, vlogs, makes us feel as though we get to know them; that they are tangible and friends. That in turn gives us the perception that this certain lifestyle is the model of ideal; that we are to strive to live someone else's perceived life. Let that one marinade for  a minute. Read it again if you have to...


In the world of Kardashian materialism (I'm a fan, don't get it twisted), laundry days, cold cream and stained sweatpants don't cut it. The mundane, every day tasks that give us the opportunity to indulge our materialism not only get no credit, but are cast in a negative light. It fleshes out the notion that we are to be put together, yachting off the Almafi Coast, smiling and happy from sun up to sun down. Thoughts like these lead to feelings of inferiority. I'm the guiltiest of guilty in this arena. I find myself judging my life more harshly and with a comparing, critical eye. When in reality, that person we see on those blue-light screens perform the same tasks, or started in the same place we did. 


These accounts are great for motivation, for goal-setting, and to generally just brighten your day. But to some, it comes at a cost. A negative life perception, an inferiority complex and a general lust after something you don't have is unhealthy and certainly not worth the 8 seconds of joy you received from watching that boomerang of Chrissy Tiegan jumping into the ocean. It's all about moderation and having confidence in your life. Stop the comparison, people! Be your own and encourage your sisters, friends families and anyone else who will listen to do the same. Enjoy the boost and motivation, but do it wisely. Instead of comparing, find what makes you truly happy, then do something EVERY DAY to help you achieve it. There's no step too small to be recognized. Find comfort in the greater, higher and deeper things in this life! Live every day to move forward and beyond. And of course, do so loudly! 


All photos courtesy of my sweet husband, Tim <3

Top: Forever 21; Jeans: Levi's for Target; Mules: Ivanka Trump (they were a gift, I don't want to hear it).