Make Your Own Spin Class


Make Your Own Spin Class

For Those Days You Can't Make It To Class


Several years ago, spinning (aka indoor cycling) classes became the latest in the fitness craze! Entire studios filled with smooth, shiny stationary bikes popped up everywhere, one of the best of which is known as Soul Cycle! I discovered the phenomenon roughly 5 years ago, and it quickly became my favorite form of cardio. Loud music, a strong team mentality, but with the option and the freedom to bike your own race is everything I could hope for in a group exercise class.  


As much as I loved cycling studios, it was tough to justify the very high price of memberships, when my local mega gym also offered those classes, at half the cost. But the downside of the mega gyms are that spin classes are not always convenient. If you are like me, 5:30am or 6:30pm may not be your gym time. So on days that I cannot get to an organized class (especially when I travel), I make my own! In my gym, if the spin room is not in use for a class, you are free to go in and use the bikes, although this workout can also be recreated on any upright bike in the gym! I take my towel, water and my headphones and create my own class! The following workout is my go-to 30 minute, self-guided spin class! It is not the tabata that so many classes are based on (possibly xa post for another day), but rather a muscle building climb with a couple intermittent sprints and regular active recovery!  


Time | Resistance | What to Do

0-2 | 1 | Warm-Up (in the saddle)  

2-5 | 3 | Weighted Warm-Up (in the saddle)  

5-8 | 5 | Seated Climb

8-10 | 7 | Climb, seated and standing (alternating every 30 seconds) 

10-11 | 2 | Downhill Sprint

11-12 | 3 | Active Recovery

12-14 | 8 | Seated Climb (the burn gets real right about here!) 

14-15 | 10 | Standing Climb

15-16 | 5 | Downhill Sprint, seated 

16-17 | 6 | Active Recovery

17-18 | 10 | Seated Climb  

18-20 | 12 | Climb, seated and standing (alternating every 30 seconds)

20-21 | 15 | Standing Climb

21-22 | 6 | Downhill Sprint

22-23 | 7 | Active Recovery

23-25 | 12 | Climb (standing and seated, alternate every 30 seconds) 

25-26 | 6 | Downhill sprint, seated

26-28 | 4 | Flat Road Ride  

28-30 | 2 | Cool Down, seated


I am by no means a trainer, but with this workout, I get an excellent cardio workout every time! I know it seems like a lot of steps, but it is a very natural progression. And if you look closely, there is a pattern! Follow this directly, or use it as a guide to build your own spin workout, and I guarantee you will get out what you put in! 


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