Life Update + Celebrating Accomplishments


| I’ve never written a life update…

…because I can’t imagine the interest in the happenings of my life. But for whatever reason, people really love to know the details of what is going on behind the scenes. I am certainly included in this category as I am always in for a vlog or lengthy life update post. I’ll try to keep this one relatively short and sweet but I wanted to just sit down at my computer and have a little chatty session about what’s going on in my world outside of Lady Out Loud HQ.

First things first…if you have been wondering why my blog posts have been more sparse and/or why I skip a day in my Instagram feed, it’s a rather simple explanation….


If you are new around here or are not aware, outside of the blog I work full time in Business Development. I began my professional career working as an analytical chemist in 2013, then as a microbiologist and moved into the commercial space in January of 2017, the same time my husband and I moved to Colorado. This promotion is the big one, the one I have been working for and toward since I changed career paths nearly two years ago and it is my largest professional accomplishment to date! It is also my second promotion is less than 2 years. I am now a very small fish in a deep and chilly pond and there is a lot to learn and near limitless potential from here. It’s a gratifying and terrifying feeling all at once.

I thought for a long time about whether or not I should share this news in a public space for fear that it would be perceived as boastful or pretentious. But after a viral conversation began on Instagram about celebrating (or lack thereof) professional victories in women, I thought it was more important than ever to do so.

As I am in the midst of the “young professional” stage in life, post marriage and pre children, my primary focus over the last couple of years has been growing and achieving in my work life. My thought processes and mindset has been all about late nights answering emails, global conference calls, and client interactions. And it has paid off in a major way. But like I mentioned before, I felt the need to keep quiet about this news for concerns about the way it would make OTHER people feel. But why? Why dull my shine or water down my achievements to keep others away from insecurity? And it also begs the question: Have you ever wondered why we throw elaborate parties for milestones like marriage, children and even birthdays, but not career achievements or personal accomplishments? I’m not saying we need to run out and purchase 4 figure gowns when we receive a rave performance review or buy a new car…but why don’t we? Why is that unheard of? We invite guests and expect gifts at baby showers and elaborate weddings to help ease in those life transitions, but when your girlfriend opens her own business, we’ll go grab a drink and call it good. And what I run into somewhat often is the competition and unwillingness to genuinely watch our lady friends succeed. It has taken away the ability and joy from celebrating life’s victories that are not tied to marriage or children. And that is disappointing.

So the challenge for myself and anyone reading this is to put the competition aside and celebrate the accomplishments of your lady friends that have absolutely nothing to do with her “female duties” of being a wife and a mother. Both of those things are certainly highlights of life, but so are making moves, securing bags and providing for yourself and family. Why dwindle milestones worth celebrating only to those that occur in our personal lives? I know I need to do better about showing up and showing out for my girlfriends who are doing the damn thing. And I encourage you to do the same.


Celebrate Loudly. Love Loudly. Live Loudly.