What I’m Thankful for in 2018


| I have so much to be thankful  for! 

We are officially in the holiday season! After Halloween, we trade the scary goons and goblins for turkeys and pumpkins and eventually for Santa’s and twinkling lights. Like many others, this last quarter of the year is my favorite. And even though I may already have my Christmas decor up, I am certainly not forgetting about giving thanks.

This time of the year, I like to take the time to do a personal audit. I take inventory of the memories, happenings, lessons from the year to this point and begin to identify the goals I want to set for myself in the new year. And with that comes a count of all the wonderful pieces of the year. It’s easy to get caught in the weeds and focus on the setbacks and negative happenings we may have endured over the course of the year, but when looking forward, it is also important to look back to reflect on the good and knowing what you would like to continue. Because improvement is just as much about building on the good as much as it is correcting the bad. So in today’s No Makeup Monday, I wanted to share just the tip of the iceberg of what I’m thankful for in 2018.

I’m sure nearly all of your could have guessed this first one, but what I am most thankful for not just in 2018, but over the last 4.5 years is my sweet husband, Tim. As I type this sitting next to him on a flight to Atlanta for the holidays, I am reminded of the grace, love and support he shows me in every avenue and every venture. To have a cheerleader, motivator, support system, adventure buddy and so much more wrapped in one is something my college self never knew I needed.

Speaking of support systems, the close knit group of girlfriends I have managed to curate for myself has proven invaluable in 2018. It’s not an expansive list, maybe 4 or 5, but the love and commitment runs as deep as blood. From weekly video chats, to a lending ear, career encouragement, travel companions and general hype women, I am so very thankful to have a great group of women to call my friends.

This one may come as a surprise to you (because it did for me), but in 2018, I am actually thankful for social media. Hear me out...I know social media has very problematic tendencies. It can breed games of jealousy, materialism, comparison and, if you let it, has the power to steal your joy and personal security. However, in 2018, social media has taught me so much about building relationships branding, networking, and has given me a community of support and integrity. I am so thankful for all of those that have sent a DM, PM, left a comment or like. Social media gets a bad rep, but it’s all in how you use it and allow it into your life that makes all the difference.

A few more things I’m thankful for in no particular order:

Amazon Prime (because it saves my behind on so many things) Gift guide coming soon! 

A job that affords (literally) me the life I am blessed enough to live.

A family that is always only a phone call or text message away.

The upbeat and ultra loyal nature of my puppy, Seamus.

The Ulta rewards program (but for real, it’s amazing).

There are so many things in this life I have to be thankful for and this is isn’t even the surface of all of those things. What are you thankful for this year?


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.