Finding Joy In the Little Things


Finding joy in the little things

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Unlike seemingly everywhere else in the country, it’s really starting to feel like spring here in a Colorado! Highs are creeping into the upper 60s and increasingly long days wrap you in sunshine long after dinner. And just when I’m all smiles, windows open in the house, a news alert comes blaring through the speakers: “Another unarmed black man gunned down in his own back yard”, “another Austin package bombing explodes, injuring 3”, “another school shooting...” Every single day and what seems like every hour, the violence, negativity and sheer turmoil of the world weighs heavy. As one of my goals for 2018 is to be more conscious of social issues, a leap down the rabbit hole of research, opinion pieces, news articles and before I know it, I’m sitting in the floor of my bedroom, shades drawn running from anger to sadness to disbelief. What happened to my 70 degrees and sunshine?! 


 It is incredibly easy at first to put on your hat of empathy and let the world dictate your attitude. But that’s how you becoming jaded and desensitized. And whether you’re effected by the larger issues of the world, or have personal turmoil   sitting squarely on your shoulders, you will never appreciate or have any perspective on the situation if you always stew in it. No matter how daunting or consuming the situation may be, keep your joy by finding the good in the little things. 

Gas prices went down? Dance!  

There is a warm weather day? Get in your car, put the windows down and blare some Bruno Mars until your lungs hurt. 

Woke up 5 minutes early? Feel surrounded and content in an extra long, hot shower.  

Call a friend for a laugh, or watch your favorite episode of The Office for the 637th time to feel comfort and support.    

It’s really all about perspective. A slight reprieve or forced moment of happiness can do wonders for your disposition. Even a 20 minutes nap may be all you need to endure the burdens of your world just a little bit longer. So I’m taking time this weekend and coming week to appreciate all of life’s tiny treasures that often go unnoticed, but are so deserving of my recognition. 


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.