Be Kind To Your Future Self


Be Kind To Your Future Self

Part of a Self Love Series 


| What is something you could do today that your future self would thank you for? 

It is so incredibly easy to focus on right here and right now. To-do lists, the most recent post, upload, and what you want to eat right now. Instant gratification often rules the world. But if you could take a small action today that could benefit you greatly in the future...wouldn't you? No one wants you to be more successful than yourself, so think of it as setting yourself up to shine. You can start small or take a giant action, but being proactive, intentional and conscious of your actions right now in order to benefit yourself in the future is fundamentally a form of self care. And as we all know and love that buzz phrase, self care = self love. Think about it...


It means that you are making yourself a priority not now, but 5 minutes, 3 hours, 5 years from now. Don't you want to look back and be thankful for your decisions? We tend to think of taking care ourselves as an immediate and situational task. Think hot baths, reading a book, unplugging. All of those things can also be considered forms of taking care of your future self by taking a break and giving yourself some needed rest. But taking care of your future self does not (and should not) be all about rest and relaxation. We have mountains to move, ceilings to shatter so taking goal helping steps to help yourself are just as important. Taking the extra 6 minutes to pack your lunch the night before to prevent adding one more thing to your hectic morning schedule can give yourself that extra leg up. Engage in that type of forward thinking enough times that it becomes second nature to do better for yourself, and you will begin to notice the small, frustrating inefficiencies will fade away or become fewer. Less frustration means a happier disposition and overall better health! 

And when it comes to habit building, it all starts somewhere. It's the first few instances of consistency that will drive the rest. Gym going, saving/budgeting, eating dinner at home, journaling, daily work tasks are all long-term and larger undertakings. But their payoffs and rewards are the greatest. Not every day must contain a large habit building action, but I encourage you to be a little selfish and put your future self first. 

What are some of the ways you are nicer to your future self?! Let me know in the comments! 


Love (yourself) Loudly. Live Loudly.