Date Yourself


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With the hectic and rather transient life that my husband and I can lead at times, there are many nights and weekends that we cannot spend together. So when I find myself alone on a Friday night, I am the last person to feel lonely because I keep myself company by dating myself. So below, I have shared some of my favorite ways to spend time dating myself! 

Chick Flick at the Movies | When T and I are going to head to the movies (which we don't do often), we always go see a move that interests us both. So it only makes sense that during the times that I am on my own, I would go to the movies and see exactly what I want to see. There is so much hesitation going to the movies on your own, but let me tell you, it is the most relaxing and wonderful way to watch a movie. You would sit in your living room with your popcorn so why not elevate your experience by going solo to the theater?! Why save the better movie experiences for the times that you're with someone else?

Get Dressed Up | It does not have to be anything too elaborate, but just putting on something that signifies that you are going out will make a world of difference. A polished grey and white look, with a detailed skirt like this one will keep you comfortable, but will elevate your style, letting yourself and everyone else know that you have somewhere to be. 

 Go to the Bookstore | Book stores are meant to be solitary. In general, they are quiet without being library pin-drop silent, they have a coffee shop and you can spend endless amounts of time wandering between the aisles, sipping your latte and reading every back cover that peeks your interest. Lost for hours and engaged the entire time. 

Kitchen Cooking Date | I thoroughly enjoy cooking, but even more so when it's all for pleasure. I open a bottom of my go-to girly wine, put on a YouTube playlist of my favorite makeup videos, crack open a cook book and lose all sense of time mincing, dicing, sauteing, something glorious all for myself. Cooking is also extremely gratifying, because you have kept yourself busy, fulfilled the necessity of eating, but also created something from scratch with your hands. Put it on a pretty dish, toss in some garnish, make it fancy! 

Go out Only for Dessert | Now, my husband and I love to do this together, but something about getting dressed and leaving your house with the sole purpose of indulgence that just screams freedom. You are leaving only get yourself a treat. Only to spoil yourself, only for this little luxury. Find some cheesecake, go try one of those hipster dessert bars where everything sits on dry ice, get every single topping on your fro-yo. 

Go do the one thing no one wants to do with you | We all have that one thing about us that when we bring it up, no one wants to do with us (either from previous experience or because that event takes a special kind of person). For me, this is going to a museum. Many people, my husband included, like going to museums, but not like I do. I'll spend hours...and I mean HOURS reading every caption, every article, listening to all of the stories I can get my hands on. A normal 60 minute tour can turn into 4 with me (it has and will continue to happen). What is your one thing? Eating Indian food? Those wine painting classes? Watching endless hours PR unboxings on YouTube? Do your think, boo. No one is there to rush you because they are hungry and tired of reading about realism.  

Single or taken, dating yourself is so incredibly important. It provides that time to decompress, have no one to impress and forces you to fall in love with yourself all over again. What are your favorite ways of spending time solo? Always looking to add to my list! 


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.