Extra, Extra!


| Extra, Extra, read all about it! 

And by “it”, I mean my new favorite print: the newspaper print! Style evolution is such a funny thing, but one thing that has remains about my personal style taste is my love for a loud but neutral print. Muted florals, small diameter polka dots and classic animal prints (leopard is essentially a neutral) add such dimension and can elevate any look from Fashion to Fashun. And though not traditional, the newspaper print deserves to be amongst the closet greats!

There’s something about the attitude/vibe/mood it gives off that is so appealing. Adjectives that come to mind are metropolitan, street, urban, bold, etc. In the same vein as animal print, newspaper print makes a statement of sorts of being urban animals, roaming through busy streets and hectic concrete jungles. Its uses are flexible similar to leopard as a staple neutral because it can be paired with any color, styled up with heels like in this look for an East Coast vibe, or down with a pair of high top Nike’s for a West Coast situation. The casual nature of joggers limits the use of this garment in particular, but imagine the statement of this print on a pair of cigarette work trousers paired with a deep green blazer.

Speaking of joggers, let’s talk a bit more detail about these. This pair hails from the men’s section at your local Forever 21 and they are the most comfortable and perfectly warm pair I own! For size reference, I’m in a medium and they (thankfully) do not give the saggy man crotch that often happens when we venture into the masculine side of the store. Purchasing tip: if you have thicker thighs, when looking for joggers, don’t sleep on the men’s section. If you get a size down from your ladies size, the upper legs still have plenty of room and the entire pant tends to be longer, so you can achieve this relaxed, but not baggy look when they are rolled up.

This print is obviously not for everyone (T thought it was so intrusive) as it has heavy street style, cultural looks about it. But if you are in the mood for something different enough to turn a head or two I encourage you to pick up my current obsession! 


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