Long Coat Loving

| There are few things more elegant than a long coat.

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the value in a quality coat wardrobe. Think about it. If you opened your closet or think about to the staple items in your wardrobe that you want to carry with you year over year, what are you thinking about? What comes to mind for me is a good pair of jeans, a go-to do everything bag, and a good coat. In my coat closet, you’ll find the usual trendy suspects (think teddy coat, faux fur, over-sized puffer), but also the classics (midi black wool, belted trench). But as I have an unfortunate gravimetric pull toward beautiful outerwear, one piece I have lusted after for years is a long, full-length coat.

In nearly any material, shape or weight, there is something so incredibly chic and mature about a full length, mid-calf coat. How one item of clothing has the power to make you look as if you are actual walking money is uncanny to me! One of the hallmark characteristics of my personal style that has developed recently is that the right statement item can make a $4 dress (like the one I’m wearing here) look like it came straight out of a Chanel as. But what kept me away for years was the price tag. With more material comes more of my coins retailers want to take and I had a hard time shelling out the $450 similar coats costs. But when I found this gorgeous LL. Bean wool at a thrift store with tags still attached for less than $40 (does it get any better??), it was love at first sight! So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite long coat finds for under $150.

What do you think of the long coat? Do you find it outdated, old and played, or is a timeless treasure?

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