Travel Skincare Must-Haves


Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys and freedoms. To explore new cultures, places and discover something outside of your every day routine is invigorating. Though I’m aware not all share that sentiment, the one that disagrees with traveling most can certainly be your skin. Whether via airplane, ship, train or car, traveling can take a toll on your skin in ways you may not imagine. Combine the means to the end with the climate of your destination, you have a perfect storm for an inconvenient beach breakout, horribly dry or flaky skin or in my case, an over production of oils that can leave me looking like you could reflect the light of the sun into space.

But as travel is a necessary evil in my work-life, and a much anticipated pastime in my personal life, I want to ensure I get the most out of my skin when leaving my environment (and fully stocked skin care cabinet) at home.


Something you may be surprised to know is that many of the items here I do not use in my home skincare routine. I’ve read all the articles that warn very largely against changing your skincare routine but what I’ve found that works for my skin at home is often too hydrating and/or too maintenance driven to sustain happy skin while I am away. My travel skincare routine is geared toward combatting and defending against changes in my environment that will negatively impact my skin. At home, my routine is aimed to maintain a balanced complexion in its familiar environment. Also, as with anything that has to do with healthy/happy living, water, H2O, aqua, whatever you want to call it…is the cornerstone to happy skin. Keep that in mind and see below for my to-go skincare products for travel.

What are your favorite, must-have skincare products when you’ll be spending the night away from home? Do you keep your same routine, or pick up new products? Let me know what you cannot live without!

Love Loudly. Live Loudly.