The Denim Revival

The Denim Revival

Growing up, I couldn’t stand to wear denim anything except shorts or jeans. My fashionably naive pre-teen self thought denim was stuffy, looked cheap and unflattering. In spite of all of that, my parents bought me this classic, heavy denim jacket when I was 15. And it hung in my childhood closet every day for 10 years. Moving to college, into my first apartment, to Denver and beyond, it never moved with me. It wasn’t until my parents began packing up my childhood home to move, that I found myself specifically requesting that jacket not go to Goodwill. 

Denim Jacket2017-8.jpg

I picked it up last weekend when I was in St. Louis for a wedding, and I couldn’t wait to wear it. And it has become my staple outwear. As we all know, trends never truly  go out of style. They only wain for a moment, waiting for a resurgence. But this 10 year old Wrangler jacket is back to stay. Thanks Mom and Dad for knowing timeless style before I did! 


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