No Makeup Monday

Well technically Tuesday!  

Welcome to a new week, loud livers! As always here at the beginning of the week, we celebrate our true selves by lift the veil of makeup and carrying on as usual! 


This week’s outfit contains my obsession this fall...the cold shoulder! Another obsession is the denim trend and this top is also faux, grey denim! Two for one! My sweet mother in law gifted this top to me from a boutique in my home state of Missouri: Mod! They were having a sidewalk sale and this top was only $10! 


The plum pants I’m wearing make a regular appearance here on Lady Out Loud, and you can find them in a multitude of colors here!

These black booties from a Steve Madden are so cute and comfy! The pointed toe gives them a dressy feel and you can find them on my favorite online retailer...Amazon! 


How are you feeling about the cold shoulder trend? Still here for it, or is it time to go? Let me know in the comments!


Love Loudly, Live Loudly

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