No Makeup Monday


No makeup Monday

04 December 2017

   Vest | Leggings | Top (similar) | Sneakers

Hey there, loud livers and happy Monday! Our little tradition here on Lady Out Loud is to celebrate who we are, under the veil of makeup and glam, and be empowered by our God-given beauty! Being comfortable in your own, unaltered skin is liberation and contentment like nothing else and it should be celebrated! So find your favorite pre-cleanser, wipe off all that foundation and be you! 


The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is hauntingly true, but we have to remember that the most important beholder is ourselves. I know it is extremely tough to turn your concern away from the way others see you, but when you find a way to do that, the comfort it brings will surprise you. No longer worried about the perfect contour to make your face look more shapely, or the perfect lash to make you stand out; you can focus your energy and passion on what truly   makes you happy....which can still be makeup and glam!  

It all comes down to doing what you love, being who you are. Just do so loudly! 


Love Loudly. Love Loudly.