Protecting Your Peace - No Makeup Monday


My mom has a phrase she always uses: “Other people’s lack of planning will not create a crisis in my world”. And it’s brilliant. In this case, it is in reference to people flaking on plans or not gathering or planning up front. But interchange the word “planning” with nearly any other characteristic, and that phrase turns into the perfect mantra for protecting your peace. Other people’s lack of...ambition, self discipline, time management, self awareness, coachability, sensitivity, leadership skills, compassion, self control, patience....will not create a crisis in my world. 

Protecting personal peace is about consciously refusing to allow others’ actions to weigh on you, to impact or effect you. It can come in all shapes and sizes (I’m looking at you social media perception) but when we take a hard look at the people, items and actions that put us in a negative headspace on a routine basis, the results may be astounding. Write them down if you have to. Seriously. Make a list of everything that pulls you down in a day for three days and examine the repeaters. It’s a personal audit of sorts and it can be a very telling source. And though the world is always churning, the highlight reel on Instagram will always keep rolling and people will always cause disappointment, all we can control is how we allow the exterior to impact the interior. 

There are a lot of battles worth fighting, and protecting your inner peace is certainly one of them. So for this week, I encourage you to suit up and get ready to defend your harmony. Make a promise to yourself that your sanctuary will not be disrupted by the ever present weights of your environment. Whether it’s taking a break from (or deleting) social media, cutting ties with toxic friendships, reevaluating a career choice, or simply walking away from a conversation, take the time you need to protect your house. Because in holding on to any of that, the only person who really suffers is you. 


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.