Workwear Denim - The Trouser Jean


Trouser Denim Options: Here, Here and Here (for a major splurge)


| Ahhh, a good pair of jeans…

Jeans are one of those staple outfit pieces that can look good in nearly any occasion. From date night, to dinner, sporting events…we all know the necessity and versatility of denim. But when it comes to the office, even on casual Friday’s it can be a tricky feat to find a pair of jeans that fits the rules. Professional denim is not unheard of and the Pintrestsphere is brimming with “jeans work outfit” ideas, but nearly all are tied to the classic skinny. The modern and tailored style is ideal for showing off a pair of power heels and works well with balancing a blazer on top. But if you are looking for an alternative or do not want to wear an extra layer in the office, I present the wide-leg trouser jean.

The trouser is a tried and true, time weathered dress pant style that both men and women have been wearing since the 20s. Take that same silhouette and make it out of denim, and when picked, fitted and styled properly can make a great addition to the end of week water cooler talk. Now…if you search “trouser jean” on Google and make your way to the Images tab, it’s not a pretty site. Ill-fitting, baggy, rhinestones, various washes. None of which are appropriate for the workplace. So keep in mind when hunting for them, there are three key factors in picked the right pair:

(mostly) Solid Wash: A good rule of thumb when looking for any pair of “professional” jeans. There’s nothing that makes denim look more casual than that fake, worn look and the printed wrinkles around the pocket area.

Medium to Dark Wash: As trouser jeans are wider in the leg at the bottom (when compared to skinnies), a dark wash will formal up the look and give the appearance of a slimmer figure.

Mid-Rise: I love, love, love high waisted jeans, but there is something about tucking in your button down to a waistline nearly at your bra that screams date night, not staff meeting. And I don’t even have to start on low rise, right? Is anyone still wearing those?!

So as this Friday approaches (yep, I’m already looking forward to it) and you are thinking about your casual look, maybe give your trusty skinnies a rest and try a bit more volume.


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