The Bold Fall Wardrobe


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| Are you ready to say goodbye to your summer wardrobe?

Many are not! The rompers, denim cut offs and tank top matching sets are headed to the drawer not to be seen until 2019. As much as I love a good sundress, personally, I cannot at all identify with this logic as summer is my least coveted season of any given year. It’s always hot, sticky you sweating walking to the car only to freeze to death from the air conditioning in the office…terrible. But I digress….As much as I’m ready to box up my crop tops for 6 months, I refuse to give up one key element of my summertime looks: color.

Have you every noticed how muted the colors of fall wardrobes become? I love all 30 shades of grey and beige as much as the next girl (because neutrals run the world, let’s be honest), but day after day, even forest green can grow dull. Why is it that the trees turn bright yellow, orange and red, but our wardrobes turn soft and dim? So my number one tip on revamping, refreshing and preserving some of your summertime magic is to add color.

This much color in one look is a step outside of my comfort zone, but it still falls right in line with the colors of the season and the perfect amount of summertime vibes. A dark turquoise green mixed with a lively mustard yellow not only incorporates the changing colors of the cooler months, but stays far away from humdrum. A bonus tip to breathe life into your fall wardrobe is by mixing prints and materials to provide a summery spin on your classic fall layers. Leather is an October-December staple and even in a louder color, melts the two seasons together with ease.

So if you are not quite ready to let go of that warm summer sun and your favorite warm weather looks, adding a bold layer to a staple piece can help you hold on just a little bit longer.


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