Not A Peplum Girl


| Funny Story about this top…

…I can’t stand it. If you keep up with my Instagram stories, I was very back and forth on keeping this top. Peplum is not a style that suits me well. It accentuates my already prominent hips and provides proportions that I do not prefer when looking at myself in the mirror. I took a poll about whether or not to send it back and I let the majority rule. I thought to myself “well, maybe they see something I don’t”. Because in truth, that can often be the case. We are our own worst critics and have a tendency to see ourselves in a distorted light. But when I put this top on again in preparation for this shoot, the same thoughts I had about it came up once again. Too frumpy, ill fitting, not my style, uncomfortable etc. No matter which way I styled it, I felt like I was attending a family picnic in New Hampshire…as the table cloth. I simply did not feel my best when I put it on and that translated. I was uncomfortable, my mood was a bit sour and I felt like an imposter. I was essentially trying to talk myself into liking something because others said I should. And how ridiculous is that?

So just your typical Lady Out Loud reminder to be yourself. Regardless of the popular opinion, do what makes you feel your best. Wear whatever your personal style dictates. Style is personal and as much as it can be influenced by trends, other people, it is still all your own. Wear what you want, do what you want. Be who you want.


Love (yourself) Loudly. Live Loudly.