Tips for Clothes Shopping Online

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| Brick and Mortar Stores are still my favorite…

…but the unbelievable prices, convenience and selection of shopping online makes it extremely inticing. Even the online version of your favorite department stores offer some of the greatest selections and sometimes better deals than you can find in store. But the barrier of entry every time you discover a new online shop or begin shopping online is laden with uncertainy. Handing over your coins without holding, feeling and trying on the pair of shoes or the garment can be a tough pill to swallow. And don’t even get me started on the frustration when you realize you have to repack and return your item. So to ease the pains associated with expanding your wardrobe via mail and shipping, I wanted to share my top tips for getting the most out of your online shopping experience and new wardrobe.

Read Reviews with Caution | If they are available and reputable, reviews can be your best friend. People sharing their real life testimonials about the fit of the garment, especially when providing information about their body type can serve you well. Where to be leery is when every single review is 5 stars and there are hundreds of them with minimal information. A brand that comes to mind in doing this is Fashion Nova. I am a regular patron of the site and love love their denim, but the reviews are garbage and only an incentive to purchasers for additional discounts.

And when reviews are not available, ask a real life person for a review | Chances are, someone else has indeed purchased that item, or something very similar from the same retailer. If you have a question about the fit of a Mango blazer, search the hashtag on Instagram to find a fashion blogger or person wearing a similar style. Slide in their DMs and ask about the fit. Even better if the person is of similar body type as your own.

Speaking of asking people…if you’re looking for a certain item, ask for recommendations. | There’s nothing better than a recommendation from someone you trust. That’s the foundation of the fashion influencer industry, after all. If you are looking for a white midi dress for your upcoming bridal shower and you are not sure where to look, ask around and ask about their experience with the virtual retailer. How is the material? Are the colors true to picture?

Think of the Country of Origin | For the sake of fit and sizing, not all countries are created equally. Items from sites like Ali Express will not at all fit the same as thoughs from H&M. A rule of thumb I use is Asian-based brands typically run smaller than those in other places. Obviously not a definitive statement, just a hard and fast/general rule.

Don’t Purchase on Model Photo Alone | Unless you are built like the model in the photo of the item you are after, keep your bodytype in mind. For myself, I know that I have a smaller waist but rather thick thighs. So when purchasing a pencil skirt or fitted dress, I must remember that patterns could be distorted or stretched and may not look as pristine as it does on a straight figured model.

Mind the Return Policy | And sometimes, even if everything works out correctly and you still need to return the item, see what you can and will need to do to make that happen. Do they have a brick and mortar you can return to? Will you receive the return in the form of payment or is store credit the only offering? These factors may help is rating your system.

Purchasing clothing online offers a world of possibilities you simply do not have in store. And with these tips, you are guaranteed to have a better and easier time exploring those possibilities.

Dress Loudly. Love Loudly. Live Loudly.