Designer Gifts Under $250


| Who doesn’t love designer items? Your pocketbook, that’s who.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “designer”? It could sound a lot like luxury, quality, glam, fashUN, and you wouldn’t be alone! For me, the first thing I think of are dollar signs. Several of them. In succession and including a comma. Many will argue that in fashion, you get what you pay for…and in many cases that is very true. But there is no dispute that a $$$$ bodysuit is nothing shy of pure luxury when the equivalent find from nearly any department or casual fashion store will last you the same amount of time. They are pretty to look at in glossy magazines and easy to reel yourself back in when you realize your coveted Balmain blazer is more than your mortgage and car payment combined.

But there comes a time when the hype, the glamour and the prestige of a high fashion brand hits hard. You see the designer everywhere. From mega-wealthy celebrities in the most expensive pieces, to your favorite bloggers or boss’ boss who find the low-mid range items at their local Nordstrom. That’s when you start looking at your bank account and asking yourself questions likes “well, maybe if I walk to work for the next seven weeks and live only on salt packets and the dollar menu, I can afford this new Givenchy bag”. Hold up, girl. Relax. Hey…there’s nothing wrong with lusting for labels, so long as priorities are in order and you don’t drain your rent and grocery money on the next Chloe cross body. Enter this shopping guide!

While making this list, I came across a lot of items that fell in the Under $250 category that seemed just completely useless to me. A $250 key chain was just a little too impractical at this time in my millennial life to even include. So for a bit of context, I tried to make this list as practical as feasible. This Gucci card case was a no-brainer. A high quality, leather card case has proven invaluable to me in the last couple of years. I recently retired my Kate Spade holder after she finally fell apart on me after 4 years of near daily use. Your personal brand extends to all 5 human senses, including olfactory! I absolutely adore the scent of my Tom Ford Black Orchid parfum, especially for evenings and events. And as for clothing, there are few items in my closet more versatile than a black body suit. This Off-White bodysuit (found on sale) is perfect for any occasion, and surely provides that extra bit of fashion quality.

Whether you are shopping for a treat for yourself, or want to give that little something extra to a special person, I put together this list to help you make that happen, while still being able to eat next week! Take your hard earned money and put it where it belongs…in the bank, in an investment, on a whole meal with protein and vegetables, and when that’s all taken care of, come back to this list and reward yourself with something nice. Designer luxury is surprisingly closer than you think!

Shop Loudly. Love Loudly. Live Loudly.