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A Woman of Intention

No Makeup Monday 02Apr2018

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I am a Woman of Intention

Over the weekend, I let Instagram engagement steal my joy. Ugh. I'm disappointed to re-read that. For whatever reason, my engagement dropped by more than 50%. The same content and posts I normally produce fell to an invisible and unresponsive audience. I failed at playing this algorithm game we are all in. I walked down a dangerous path of self-comparison to bloggers who seemed to be excelling at an exponential rate. 


In response, I deleted posts, re-posted, tried different captions, varying poses all because I was hunting for an arbitrary figure that I deemed acceptable. It was weighing on me so heavily, that I let it affect my entire day on Friday. I was sulking, confused and (truthfully) cursing because I felt as if I was chasing a dream no one cared about. And then came the moment of self realization...how ridiculous. I let social media and the actions of others dictate my worth. 

In that moment, I realized that in nearly every other aspect of my life, I am unapologetic. No Makeup Monday is a prime example! Celebrating myself and all women being unapologetically themselves, without the veil of makeup. I am who and what I create, and I do not have to answer to anyone. I move, speak and take action with intention. So why does that translate any differently in the digital content space? My content is my own and whether or not that is pleasing to others, lands on the Explore page, gains as much of a following as other bloggers is not my concern. 

So this week, I'm shifting my focus not just in the blogger space, but also in my daily life...be intentional. And remember that my actions, content, creations, photos, words, papers, hair styles, thoughts, makeup choices, quotes, opinions, are no mistake. I know my worth, tax included. 


Take Action Loudly. Love Loudly. Live Loudly.