24k Magic


24K Magic

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Hey there, Monday! It’s good to see you! 


Normally (ok, sometimes) I write my blog posts a couple of days or the night before. My process is typically to let the photos inspire the words. After a productive but exhausting weekend of errands, to-do lists and taxes, I just didn’t have it in me to write. So this morning when I woke up, I put on the music of the man on this shirt and immediately felt uplifted. Bruno Mars is what I call “feel good music”. No matter the mood, a little Bruno in my speakers can take me to a place of finger snapping and helps me push through even the most mundane Mondays. And this morning, the song that has me moving and thinking the most is 24k Magic.

Everyones 24k gold shines and looks different. That’s the thing about precious metals, they may all look the same in the beginning, but it is their exposure, environment that makes them unique. Over time, gold rings can move and mold to the shape of the wearer. They can get dinged, scratched, grow dull. Others do not endure the same hardships and stay shiny for longer or possibly always. But that doesn’t make them any more beautiful. Weathered, tattered, dented, scratched or unscathed, polished, shiny...all are beautiful in their own right! So as you shine into this week, remember that no matter what your 24 karats look like, you have lost absolutely no value in the storm.

Side Notes:

A. If you ever get the chance to go see Bruno Mars in concert...GO. Just do it. Save all of your coins (and I do mean ALL of them, because he is out of control expensive), find something funky and comfy to wear and go dance your heart out. 

B. Can we talk about this dark red lip, though?! I know nude lips are the trend lately, especially with the changing season and the Kardashians, but there is something about a deep lip color that adds the right amount of edgy punch. 


Shine Loudly. Love Loudly. Live Loudly