Orange is the New Black


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| Orange you glad fashion rules always change?  

Forgive me for the terrible play on words above, but I just could not help myself. As a girl with wider hips, a round behind and thicker thighs, the age old fashion rule is to dress your bottom half in dark colors. To minimize by creating shadow. The fashion magazines from Cosmo Girl in the early 2000s were littered with “best jeans for your body type”, and the pear shape was always filled with dark washed trouser styles. To this day, a pair of black denim or a navy pencil skirt is classic and powerful and should be a staple of any woman’s wardrobe. But who’s to say that loud colors on your bottoms half cannot be just as chic, just as flattering or just as powerful? But 

I am so happy to say that those days are long gone and I am all in on the colorful bottoms trend. Not only am I embracing the figure I have, but I want to flaunt it and would rather dress boldly than in hiding. These pants were a gift from someone who ordered them and they didn’t fit. I’ve had them for years and have no idea where they came from, but I’m sure glad I kept them around my closet for the last couple of years. These are breezy, light and add just the right amount of color for the summer. Because the waist is nice and high, what else would I pair it but a crop top!? Tone it down with a neutral like I did in this under $10 top, or go bright and bold with yellow. 

How do we like the bright bottoms trend for summer?!  


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