No Makeup Monday + Confidence Reminders


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| I have a confession... 

I have not been practicing what I preach. Lately you may have noticed that my No Makeup Monday posts have been missing. It has been nearly 5 weeks. And as you would expect, it comes from a place of self-consciousness. Ever since my return from my girls trip to Las Vegas, my face has decided it wants to act out like a 14 year old. Blemishes have been more prevalent than they have been in years and different than when I was in high school, it can be far more embarrassing as an adult. And I was down about it. Self confidence and self love is something I truly never struggle with. Even my bad days of feeling "ugly" faded quickly and without much action needed. And even though I still went days at a time without wearing makeup in my offline life, there was something about taking photos for the blog without makeup that I just did not want to face (no pun intended). I'm not sure if it was the permanency of it all (Instastories and Snapchats are not forever) or that I was unhappy editing the photos with me as the subject, but I was not feeling it.

This weekend I was rearranging and doing some housekeeping around the blog when I happened to read a previous NMM blog post that discussed the dangers in placing our self-worth in the comfort of makeup. And these last couple of weeks I have been living proof of that danger. The only reason we feel more confident in ourselves under the veil of makeup is because we have been essentially brainwashed into thinking it makes us more beautiful/desirable/attractive/worthy/better. And as much as that is complete garbage, it is an unfortunate reality. So that got me thinking about some reasons why I, not matter what decade of my life my skin is deciding to live it, am a badass. And I thought I would share some of those tips and mantras with you to kick start your week with some self-reassurance.

1. You are so much more than the way you look. 

I certainly understand that your outward appearance in the way you dress, carry yourself can be a reflection of who you are or where you are in your life. But that does not mean that is where your worth is defined. You bring so much more to the table that a thin body, perfect skin, pretty smile. Your voice, your thoughts, dreams, achievements, accomplishments, and energy are all so much more important than the way you look. Speak and achieve loud enough that the way you look is the last thing someone notices about you. 


2. If someone has a problem with the way you look, that has NOTHING to do with you. 

Often, self consciousness comes from a place of concern about the way others will perceive you. The way others will judge you. But let me be the first one on this Monday to tell you that what others think of you based on your appearance is completely out of your do not concern yourself. Layering on makeup to appease the comfort of someone else is a waste of your talent, time and lowers your self-respect. You were placed on this earth for so many purposes and not a single one of them is to be a chameleon to satisfy someone else's definition of beauty. 

3. You are gorgeous.

Period. Repeat it over and over. Because it is the complete truth. If you do not see yourself in that light, think about why. Really dig deep and you may realize that it's a game of comparison...and you need to drop the bat and get off the field. And once you get in that place, anyone that wants to argue can square up in the parking lot. 

4. Be your own best friend.

In situations of self-doubt, ask yourself, what would you say to your best friend if she came to you with this problem. Something like "girl, WHAT?! You are beautiful!" "Forget the haters", "Where is this coming from?!" "You are selling yourself short!". Say those things to yourself! Be your best friend in these situations because no one will treat you better than your ride or die. They have that unconditional love for you and that's something you should have for yourself. 

We all have those moments/days/weeks in which we will not feel like our fabulous selves. And in those times, I hope you can remember those little pieces above as a stepping stone to getting back into that self-love, self-positive mindset. Because it makes all of the difference! Happy Monday, friends. 


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.