Summer Sets for Summer Seasons


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| I'm really trying to enjoy the summer...

Isn’t it funny how in the frigid cold of winter we beg for the warmth and sun of summer; but when the summer is finally here, winter is all we think about? I’ve always thought what a strange human trait to always want what you do not have. Sure, it breeds inspiration and goals, but it can be a slippery slope as well. In case you have not noticed and you don’t melt every time you step outside your front door, we are right in the heart of summer! And as much as I truly loathe the summer season (snowy, blizzard wintertime is my fave in case you were wondering), in bright yellow matching sets like this one, I’m doing everything I can to enjoy this season! 

Not a new concept around here, I prefer my fashion to be effortless, classic and comfortable. Sometimes with an added twist. This inexpensive yellow matching set from Amazon hits all of those nails on the head.  I’m new to the matching set world and it really has changed my style life!  Wear them together for an easy, chic look that gives the illusion of being put together. Or wear them separately and mix-and-match with other items in your closet and make them multi seasonal and functional.

If you follow any fashion bloggers, I’m sure you’re very aware that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is in full swing and every other retailers is having a semi annual sale. It’s a time of year to purchase expensive fall themed items at discounted costs. And though I think that is an excellent idea to save money, and to think ahead, it’s also a catalyst for hurrying the summer season. I know it’s easy to do in our lives as well to rush the current season were in. Whether it be a tough time, rushing forward to future accomplishments, or looking forward to a milestone or event, I truly understand and I am personally guilty of wishing for the future. But this yellow set is a reminder to appreciate whatever phase of life you are currently in. It is important for the journey of self discovery, growth, and personal development that we spend time in the season we are in. Whether it is to learn a lesson, help others learn a lesson,  or to be present for someone else, we are exactly where we need to be. Whatever you were going through is necessary in order to better shape your future.  These are the situations that make you uniquely your self. They give you strength and a foundation on which to grow and learn.

Bloom whenever you are planted! 


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.