Top Tips for Shopping Your Closet


Shop This Look! Dress (similar here and  here), Vest, Bag is discontinued "Loden" by Kate Spade 


| This denim dress is more than 9 years old.

No lie. The manufacturing date on this little American Eagle denim number reads April 2009. And I know I bought it not long thereafter. What were you doing in the spring of that year? I was still in high school,  ready to graduate in May. Times have changed, the glow up is so thankfully really, but staple pieces in my closet never really have. 

Fashion is a freedom of expression. It is creative, fun, limitless but also expensive. Whether you enjoy changing it up with trends of every season, or investing in statement pieces (or both), no matter how you slice it, clothing is an investment. And if you want to take a step back into your Finance 101 class, the ROI (return on investment) on any article of clothing is only as good as the number of wears you get out it. As much as I may attempt to delusion myself into the notion that massive amounts of disposable income flows straight into my life, bills and my bank account will always tell me differently. Since venturing into the world of fashion blogging, where newness and freshness is the ultimate seller, I had to learn very quickly about recycling looks with pieces I already own and making them look fresh. And because I know some of my fellow millennial following cannot afford to live like a Kardashian (even though y'all really be trying it), I thought I would share my top tips for shopping my closet! 

Pair the Old with the New | The golden rule. The reason for the stale, glassy-eyed stares at the clothing in our closets, followed quickly with the "I have nothing to wear" statement is because we are tired of seeing the same items. It just gets boring. The key to changing up this mindset is to somehow make those items new and original again. Do this by mixing the old pieces with the new pies. A 4 year old dress will be seen in a whole new light with your current favorite pair of wedges, cardigan or belt. My personal favorite way to reinvent a garment is adding (or subtracting) a layer and changing the bag. Adding a cropped leather jacket can define a waist on a dress that never had it. And a colorful pair of heels can bring out a subtle color in that floral pattern to make it pop. 

Neutrals are Necessary | This one is no surprise, but anything black, beige, creme, khaki, camel, white, etc will always be acceptable. Gravitate toward those pieces. A white button down is a white button down, made tomorrow or ten years ago. A grey pencil skirt will forever look great in the office. It's undated and you will look the same. 

Toss What you Do Not Wear | This one is my go-to key to keeping the statement pieces around. Once a year, I go through my closet and toss everything that no longer interests me. I don't do this every season because the key is to let an entire year go by. Trends are constantly changing, but nearly everything comes back in style (hello velvet crazy of winter 2017). What's left after my closet purge are typically all of the timeless pieces. Those are the ones that you want to use for tip #1. A classic, long-line black blazer can be styled for years to come, even if the next season's trend floral, cap-sleeve crop tops. 

Remember, Fashion Has No Rules | Even as the trends change season over season, there is absolutely nothing and no one that says you cannot wear your favorites from two years ago right now. If a piece makes you feel confident, wear it without hesitation. Green polka dots or not. Your style is for and about you! It is a daily choice to express yourself however you choose, and that is something to celebrate! 


Dress Loudly. Love Loudly. Live Loudly.