Style Exploration: Volume + Volume


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| One thing style is not...? Consistent.

Isn't it interesting that we have predetermined fashion and style rules that we just blindly follow?Don't wear black and navy. Don't mix stripes and florals.  Stay clear of white after Labor Day. They are a set of parameters created for someone else's aesthetic preferences. Each has their own origins and histories, but they are soon growing outdated with an ever visible and progressive fashion world. One of these rules that I have subscribed until very recently is to mix volume with form fitting. If I was going to wear a maxi skirt, it was always paired with a close fitting tank to prevent the look of frump. Ugh. But when I found these burnt orange, satin trousers at Target that had to come home with me, I wanted to do something different. 

I have established my style as being easy, unfussy, and timeless with a little kick. It's my go-to, my standard M.O., but there was something about these pants (perhaps the asymmetric front closure) that had me feeling defiant. So rather than pair these flowy gems with my staple white or black, figure hugging bodysuit, I went the complete opposite. Volume on Volume. The ruffles on this wrap top are fussy, eye catching and intrusive. And combined with the breezy and oversized silhouette of the trousers provides a style completely outside of my norm. But that's the beauty in fashion. One things style is not is consistent. So when it comes to your wardrobe choices, we don't need to be either. I'm learning slowly but surely that fashion is more than is a moment of empowerment every time we get dressed to take ownership. And following style rules is not empowering. 

What are some of your favorite fashion rules to break? Let me know and we can be rebels together! 


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