Confidence is Not a Trend + Current Skincare Favorites


Confidence is not a trend + current skincare favorites

No Makeup Monday


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 | Confidence is not a trend.

Someone recently called me “Brave”  for putting myself online without looking my “best” when referring to my No Makeup Monday series.  There are many, many things wrong with this statement (like the fact that me without makeup is somehow inferior, lesser, and not the best, or that the perception of bravery extends to topics of outward appearance) and we will certainly unpack those in another post. But for today, I want to address why I am not a hero.

Using the word “brave“ implies doing something in the face of fear or danger. Being courageous or fearless. Truthfully, I know this was meant with the utmost compliment, and the sentiment is certainly appreciated. But let’s get something straight, this series is not a glorification of my decision to go without makeup. It’s not some "stronger than thou", trendy attention grab. It is part of the fabric of my belief system. Leaving my house or posting online without makeup never has and does not make me fearful. And that’s because I know that in spite of external implications, imperfection is perfection. And my goal is to inspire someone else to believe it also. Our flaws make us who we are and we do ourselves a grave disservice by allowing societal influences to force our flaws into hiding. Do I enjoy the way I look with a solid face beat, falsies and a popping lip color? You better believe it! But I am (seriously) just as content on a rooftop bar barefaced. Confidence is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle and a daily choice of self-love. There are so many things that can affect your confidence. For me lately, it has been the comparison game on Instagram. Isn’t it a scary thought that we allow so many outside influences beyond our control to affect the way we see ourselves? But in the face of these false realities, I choose to be confident, and feel empowered knowing that I am uniquely myself!

I would be lying if I told you that this confidence is maintained all on its own. It can take work in knowing what feeds that confidence fire. And though some of those factors may vary, two of them remain consistent: my sweet husband, and my skincare routine. Because let's be frank, when we're talking about facing a harsh and judgmental world, you need a rock to lean on and a physical process to keep moving you forward.


My complexion, especially in it's current dehydrated state, is far from flawless but if we have learned anything from the recent visibility of beauty, a quality skincare routine is so important. Over the last couple of years living in an arid, desert environment, keeping my skin hydrated makes a world of difference. Not just in the way my skin looks, but also in the way it feels, adjusts to travel and how my makeup (should I choose to wear it) lasts. Following my cleanser and toner to purify, I replenish with what may be the most buzz-worthy skincare ingredient on the market to date: hyaluronic acid. Every single one of my skincare products post toner contains this magical ingredient. Especially when combined with powerhouse ingredients like Vitamin C, my skin never feels more radiant and plump than when using the stuff. This Neutrogena eye cream has worked wonders in restoring elasticity to my under-eyes...the only place on my face that happens to be dry. I also love the IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye cream. It's a bit heavier, but is my winter-time go-to.  Rounding out my confidence boosting skincare regiment is a good quality moisturizer. I have been living for the natural ingredients of the Cobalt Honey Honey Hydration Cream that just sinks into the skin without feeling heavy or leaving me greasy later in the day. 


I'm not brave, just a believer that you are so much better when you are you, no matter how flawed (or flawless) that may be. What are some of your favorite skincare products that help you maintain your confidence?! Because a little help never hurts! 

Love Loudly. Live Loudly.