Easy All White


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| I think white looks better after Labor Day.

Of all the barriers in every aspect of life, why put a glass ceiling on your wardrobe? Growing up, I truly was someone who followed fashion rules, and I think that came from not really being "into" fashion at all. Because style is personal and evolutionary, gone are the days that mix prints or wearing white after one specific day of the year warrants a side eye. So in celebration of my rebellious nature, I thought I would grace your screen in my favorite way to wear all white. 

Since my post about conquering my fashion fears about white denim, I have worn these high waisted pants a half a dozen times! The car length distance I keep from absolutely everyone and everything is worth it for the sharp, crisp look of white bottoms. And now that the days are growing shorter and the highs are beginning to start with a 7 rather than a 9, I wanted to capitalize on the sleeveless days while I still had them.  To keep the look visually interesting, tying a knot into a lose fitting tank defines a waist and adds just enough to an otherwise very monochromatic look. 

I love the simplicity of this all white outfit and can certainly see myself wearing "summer" colors deep into the fall and winter. 


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