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| There's a funny story about this dress..

Last week consisted of more than 500 miles of work road travel, several client meetings, lunch in my car and overall hectic and crazy adventures. On Tuesday, a former colleague was in town and we both had no dinner plans. I was dressed in a full suit from my day filled with client meetings, and I needed (wanted) something a bit more casual for dinner and drinks. But I only had about 10 minutes before we were meeting. I headed to the nearest Marshalls and found this forest green sleeveless dress of $10 on the clearance rack. I picked it up by the hanger, flipped it front and back for any damage, and slung it over my arm. Then I headed to the shoe section to snag this $20 pair of nude Lucky Brand flats and made a beeline to the checkout. I didn't try anything on and the whole trip lasted less than 3 minutes. I changed clothes in the lobby bathroom of the hotel across the street, rand a comb through my hair and lo and behold...I just discovered my current favorite piece of clothing in my closet and got so many compliments at dinner! 

As a young professional often in and out of formal office settings and client meetings (currently missing my days in jeans and my lab coat), wardrobe versatility is important. There are very few instances these days that I go shopping for a one-dimensional outfit. It does not matter if I'm attending a wedding, out for Sunday brunch or exploring a new Denver neighborhood, most everything is bought with the future in mind. 

The most important flex pieces hanging in my closet are solid colored body-con dresses. No matter the material, the possibilities are endless. The versatility is extensive by dressing them up, dressing them smart, or dressing them down. With this $10 cotton/polyester blend dress from the sale rack of a discount retailer (it doesn't get more bargain-huntery than that), I have managed to create several looks, my favorite is the perfect business casual ensemble.

When I’m looking to take a dress from brunch to the boardroom, color, accessories and structure are the key features I focus on. Forest green and camel is the definition of smart casual. It is an easy, complimentary and non-abrasive scheme that still manages to add some color around the water cooler. This dress worn on its own being as fitted and sleeveless as it is may not be as appropriate for a meeting with your boss. But adding a lighter (in weight and structure) blazer brings the right level of modesty and power. And the truth, I’m not a big accessories girl so my everyday jewelry and a smaller statement bag does just enough to tie it together. 

Easy and classic (my current style mood), you may be seeing this dress in multiple forms on the blog and social! Next, perhaps a fall wedding guest outfit?  

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