Current Favorite Skincare Products

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| A good skincare routine is tough to master.

And believe me, I don’t have it all figured out.

Only in the last 2-3 years have a discovered what it truly means to take care of my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I was never the type of person to sleep in my makeup (guys for real, stop doing that. It’s nasty), but it was not until I was preparing for my wedding in 2016 that I began reading about making your skin “wedding day ready”. It was from there that I fell in love with properly taking care of my skin, and since then, my skin has truly transformed. Though the decline in raging teenage hormones have certainly helped to mature my skin for the better, I have discovered some specific ingredients and products that have helped maintain and calm my combo/oily, acne prone skin, especially in the last several months. So with that, I thought I would share some of what I’m currently loving!


Pre-cleanse | The act of pre-cleansing may very well be my favorite part of the entire routine, especially when using an oil-based cleanser. My skin cannot handle all the tugging and rubbing from those sandpaper, dry makeup wipes, and the effectiveness for me is far less. As someone who has lash extensions, this is the number one no-no of having them…stay away from oil-based cleansers because they break down the glue. But GIRL…the value and satisfaction of cutting through every single layer of makeup on my face is worth getting fills every 2 weeks, rather than 3. And the Clinique Take the Day Away is the best I have found!

Cleanser | As a girl with combo/oily skin that also struggles with the occasional or hormonal breakout, I typically employ two types of cleansers: one more harsh (like the La-Roche Posay), and the other more mild (loving the Fresh Soy Cleanser), dependent on the time of the month and how my skin is acting.

Toner | Similar to the above, I use two different toners dependent on skin needs. One a true alcohol-based astringent (I’ve used this classic from Neutrogena for years), and the other less stripping and more restorative (the Rose scent is my favorite in the Thayers).

Serum | Where has this serum been all my life!? I have just recently fallen in love with the Olehenriksen Truth Serum. There is a reason it has so many great reviews and one bottle lasts for so long! Smooths, restores, hydrates and brightens. It may be small, but it is so, so very mighty!

Face Oil | I am brand new to the facial oil step, but it truly has been extremely impactful. I only use it at night as a sealant of sorts for my serums and moisturizer, but it has increased my skin hydration and insulates my skin and allows it to repair as I sleep. If you are oily like I am, don’t be afraid of it. Your skin needs oils…that’s why it produces them itself!

Speaking of moisturizers…my go-to, cannnot-buy-enough moisturizer of the moment is the Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel! The hyaluronic acid is as brilliant as every article says it is, and it smooths and products my skin throughout the day and evening. Some may have problems with some of the ingredients (it’s not a “clean” beauty product), but as an every day moisturizer, it is perfect for me. And it doesn’t hurt that the smell is divine!

So, there you have it! My go-to skincare products of the moment. Also included in my regular routine are face masks of many variations and types (a post for another day), as well as an eye cream used day and light religiously, and lip balm.

Have you guys tried any of these? If what are your can’t live without skincare products of the moment! Let me know if in the comments!

Love Loudly. Love Loudly.