No Makeup Monday (ish)


No Makeup Monday

16 January 2018

Leather Jacket | Skirt (similar) | Bodysuit | Men's Shirt | Boots (similar

It's No Makeup Monday! If you are new here, this is the moment each week that we take a moment to celebrate our true selves, without the veil of makeup! 


Ever have one of those days when you just cannot seem to get your engines running? Not that you are unhappy or dreading anything, but that you may have lost some passion/motivation. Just can't seem to get going? That was me yesterday. I seemed to just be lacking inspiration to do much of anything. I answered all my emails, kept up with work things, but was letting the negativity of situations outside of my control take over my mood. Toxic. 


So I had a nice chat with one of my girlfriends, and some sweet words from the husband, and I decided not to stress myself out about "achieving". Just for one day, I made the conscious decision not to beat myself up over my lack of hustle. Because if every single day we wake up with the notion that we have to be 250% or we have failed, it's like lighting a candle with a blow torch: the entire thing will melt into a puddle very quickly and there will be nothing left. 

So this week I want to focus on self-awareness and staying in my own lane. Not letting the actions of others take over my happiness, and finding motivation within myself. If you want it, go get it. And do not let a single person influence you in another direction. As my mom would say, "other people's lack of planning (or in this case, actions, thoughts, opinions) will not create a crisis in my world. It's our year, people! 

Love Loudly. Live Loudly.