No Makeup Monday


No Makeup Monday

29 January 2018


Ya know those weeks when everything is running smoothly, all is well and it just seems that nothing goes wrong?! No? Me either. As a self-identified planning freak, I love organization. I like to put things in boxes complete with color coordinated labels, both physically and mentally. Vacations are structured, my planner is color coordinated by tasks and importance and time breakdown. My underwear drawer is neatly folded, and color coordinated by style. One less decision I have to make is what to wear in the morning, where to find my keys in the house, or trying to figure out my schedule to add an appointment. All of this is done with the hopes of eliminating the stress that comes from unpreparedness. But when even after all the prep work, the plan is still not executed as expected, it’s even more stressful! During my photoshoot for this session, I forgot my remote shutter release and had to drive all the way home, then back to location. Then I realized that I forgot the release plate for my tripod on my kitchen counter. It was so frustrating I wanted to scream. I thought I was ready for this shoot and burned so much golden daylight making up for it. But I made it work with my mini pod and the hood of my car! Learning to take things in stride, little by little. One of the co-hosts of my favorite podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You, wanted to add more “fun” in 2018, and I think I’ll try to follow suit! Fun to me is stressing less about the structure, and enjoying more of the moment. 


Luckily, I’m not stressing about what to wear because I am living for this exact combination. I found both this cropped sweatshirt and knit midi on sale at Express...for less than $20 each. My style (most of the time) is heavily centered around comfort, so something so effortless and soft are all I could ask for. 


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.