Pretty In Pink - No Makeup Monday


Pretty in Pink

No Makeup Monday


It wasn't until I was editing these photos and my husband, Tim, said "Huh, that would be cute for Valentine's Day", that I realized this outfit would work for the holiday. I sat there thinking to myself...why hadn't I caught onto this? Valentine's Day is all over social media, pink is the quintessential color of the Hallmark holiday, and yet it was completely lost on me. I used to be the girl that would drop hints about the type of flowers I wanted in November! I was the girl that was thrilled with flowers, chocolates, massive teddy bears from my significant other. I am (and will probably always be) a big gesture appreciating kind of person. So...what happened?

A small reason is that Valentine's Day crept up on me this year. Between work, the blog, and life in general, lesser important holidays (completely forgot MLK day was happening until 7pm that Monday) just slipped my mind. But more importantly, I realized that love and demonstrations of love have nothing to do with chocolates and stuffed animals. Loving me (and love for me) can be just a gritty as it can be sweet. It can be just as loud as it can be quiet. Can be just as muddled as it can be clear. There are far less romantic days than doing-laundry-in-support-of-Tim's-work-schedule days. But that's what love looks like through my lens. It's honest, supportive, giving and incredibly empowering. 

I am a strong believer that Valentine's Day serves 2 purpose. Firstly, It's an excellent reminder to take a moment to let those you love know that you love them. But whether it's a simple card, or a Kimye inspired flower wall, not a single bit of it matters more than demonstrating that love day in and day out. Because one thing my love is not (typically) an elaborate spectacle. And secondly, to make it socially acceptable to consume your entire body weight in candy. 


Love Loudly. Live Loudly.