| Where are my career women at?!

Has anyone ever told you "You don't have to prove yourself to anyone"? I call BS. Ever had a job? You have to prove your worth to your bosses, the company, your clients. Ever been a member of a team sport? You have to prove your skills and earn the jersey with your name on the back. Ever dated? Each person makes a decision whether or not the other has proven to be worth their time, effort and emotions. Proving yourself is a fundamental part of our lives.

Can I give you a harsh opinion? Telling ourselves we do not have to prove our worth to others is a delusional lie we create in an effort to rationalize a shortcoming. Think about it...when we feel trapped in a corner and lost for words in a heated argument, a notorious fall back is the dreaded "I don't have to prove myself to you". Actually, do. Of course you know what you are worth but if you never put in the effort to display it, to tell will they know? Like it or not, our professional careers are defined by the way we demonstrate our worth. 

But do not let this be defeating. Instead of seeing this in such a negative light, use it as fuel for your fire. Let them underestimate.  Show them. I take the greatest pleasure in walking out of business meeting having proven someone wrong due to underestimation. Make it your mission to set the world on fire with your passion, tenacity and effort. In everything you do, work to demonstrate your worth to the fullest. Know your value, then work to demonstrate it to those around you.  Talk is extremely cheap, but  determination is invaluable. The moves you make will carry you much farther than the words you speak and it is important to remember in a world where women (especially those of us of color), are still underestimated on a daily basis. No one can ever question your value when in your wake is a scorching trail of demonstrated accomplishments. So wear them like armor. Let them protect you from the underestimation, side eyes and doubtful words of others. And if at the end of the day when you have exhausted all of your words, actions and you have shown the world what you may still be doubted. And in those moments take comfort in knowing that you have given your best. if they still want to doubt you and still do not see your value, you can walk away knowing full well that you have given your best. 

There are very few things in this world more intriguing to me than a strong woman. Self-assured, confident. A woman that wears her confidence like armor and can provide her accomplishments as a defense in the toughest trial. So remember to be fierce, self assured and motivate yourself to show the world. Because after you create and establish your worth, you can let your trail speak for itself.


Work Loudly. Love Loudly. Live Loudly.